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Wedding vendors you should not skimp on

These 2 things can make or break your wedding! 

Now that you've secured your wedding venue you'll need to go down the list and book the vendors who will ensure that your wedding will be the "Talk of the town".  Your friends will rate your big day by these two MAJOR factors 1. How great the food was - Sure we need food to survive, but we have turned this day to day necessity into a hobby that we all enjoy. We like to wine and dine every chance we get and as important as it is to eat a delicious meal, it is equally important that it be aesthetically pleasing to the eye! Caterers like Russell Morin ensures beautiful and artistic menu options that are just to die for! 

2. How much fun they had - Your wedding may be THE BIGGEST "party" you ever throw. Once the formalities are out of the way your guests will want to get the party started! "They came to get down". The band or DJ you choose to entertain your guests will leave a lasting impression, Good or Bad! So how do you decide who's going to be that perfect match for you?

As a professional wedding DJ myself (DJ Valentina ), I think it's a combination of things! But I'l break it down to the three most important to be considered when booking a DJ. 1. Can they mix? If music is as important to you as it is to me, then the way it is played is equally important. It has to be played at the right time and mixed so well that people don't even realize that you went from one song to the next. Smooth transitions. Of course there are times you just have to DROP it, but knowing when and how to use this technique is key.  2. Can they keep the party going? As a wedding DJ you are somewhat limited. You can't go crazy like you would at a club. It's not the same environment. It takes more than just mixing skills to be a successful wedding dj. You have to work harder to read the crowd, figure out what gets them going and KEEPING THEM THERE! It's a challenge every single weekend. Unlike a club, the age group varies drastically and you have to customize your list according to each wedding. Even then, there are no guarantees until you start playing and see what they react to. 3. Microphone presence - Knowing what to say and how to say it! DJs in general can sometimes overdue it with their love of the mic. I try to keep it to a minimum by only making necessary announcements such as the bridal party intros/formalities and hyping the crowd up if it calls for it!

In conclusion: The wedding vendors you choose will determine the successful outcome of your "BIGGEST PARTY EVER"!